About us

Welcome and thanks for being here to know a bit more about who we are and why Natural Way Toys are the only toys for you and the ones you love most…

 My name is Brandon – the guy behind the tools and the proud owner of Natural Way Toys.

We are a small family run business where myself, my wife and our two children (aka the toy destructors) work as a team to create each individual toy. We take pride in the love and care that is put into every single product.

 My grandfather was a woodworker at heart, who enjoyed crafting wooden toys among many other wooden projects. In fact, I still have a wooden car that he built when I was just a small child. My entire life I grew up watching both my grandfather and father using their hands to create (what I viewed as) masterpieces.

Fast forward years later to when my wife and I became parents. We wanted what every parent does – the perfect world for our baby. The more we researched, the more we came to understand the overwhelming amount of harsh chemicals in our children’s products. Even the reputable companies seemed to all have the same toxins. The scariest part was that these are things that we put into our infant’s mouths, in their baths, beds….

 That is where the idea of Natural Way Toys began. It has been a long process since the beginning days with years of product testing – which of course our product testers (aka destroyers) have thoroughly enjoyed.

Finally, we felt comfortable and confident enough to launch.

Our philosophy is that children are our future.  We believe that children deserve to start their lives healthy, especially through the way that they are learning – play. That means quality toys that last long and are 100% safe.